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If you are a health and fitness fanatic, lead a healthy lifestyle and love cooking then the iPerfect Kitchen has a professional team that share that ideal. We are a team of health-oriented, pretty smart, motivated, and innovative thinkers that want everyone to live long, by living healthy. We founded our iPerfect Kitchen years ago with a simple mission, make the kitchen a better place, and enhance a cook’s experience in food preparation and cooking. We continue to support healthy lifestyles in promoting healthy drinking choices in the form Lifestyle Infuser Water Bottles. We are lifelong advocates for people with a desire to live healthy by eating healthy, but with the minimum effort and increased enjoyment.

We want you to live a long and healthy life and as the saying goes, “you are what you eat” and “what you drink” is something we advocate. The only downside, which does not have to be a downside to healthy eating, is the amount of time we are forced to spend in peeling, chopping, dicing, slicing, and everything in-between. Healthy food, which mainly consists of vegetables and fruits, have the potential to become incredibly boring and monotonous, not only in the preparation thereof, but also in the appearance.

The amount of people looking for ways to live a low-carb and healthy lifestyle by incorporating more whole foods, wholesome fresh vegetables, and fruits into their daily diet increase rapidly. Just as the desire for healthy food increase, is the decrease of time available to prepare those healthy choices.

Raw food preparation as we have all experienced is something that forces many people to simply give up on healthy eating, simply because they do not have the time or inclination to spend hours to prepare their favorite meals. That is something we aim to prevent, we want to make more time available for you to enjoy instead of the monotony of preparation. Furthermore do we want to take the “boring” out of vegetables by enabling you to present crafty, interesting, and beautiful spirals.

iPerfect Kitchen Started with a Vision

We are firm advocates in heathy lifestyles, which as you know starts with fitness, but continues predominantly in healthy eating and drinking lots of water. Healthy food, which take up so much of your time, with preparation of vegetables for example, is often neglected due to the “effort” to peel, slice, dice, julienne and more. Our vision was to make kitchen time and preparation time shorter, fun, and healthier.

How do we do that, is your question. Simply by arming yourself with tools, not just any tools, but innovatively designed and manufactured gadgets aimed at cutting kitchen time and promoting more time spend enjoying yourself. We understand that not everyone could be a MasterChef, although most of us will die trying, therefor do we keep designs ergonomical, innovative and simple to use. Its simplicity in use allows you to create masterful delicious food that appears to have taken literally hours to prepare.  


With iPerfect Kitchen’s utensils, you CAN become the master in your own kitchen. We have a company motto that says; it’s about cooking, it’s about healthy lifestyle, it’s about quality kitchen utensils, therefor do we aim to provide you with utensils that help your stick to your personal motto; to live healthy by eating healthy.

Our decision to design and manufacture Lifestyle Infuser Water bottles as part of our healthy living range came natural. After all drinking water is an integral part of the modern healthy individuals’ lifestyle. Taking the bland out of your daily water quota with added fruits and flavors is our gift of hydration to you.

iPerfect Kitchen’s Mission

We want the world to experience healthy food, cooking, and drinking in a fun and easy way to lead a healthy lifestyle. You want to make healthy choices simply because it makes you feel good, but sticking to those, choices are often a problem due to time restraints. We all struggle with time in our busy lifestyles and spending more time preparing food than enjoying it, leads to indulging in fast foods, and wrong choices.

We realize it is more than just about health and fitness to live a healthy, happy life and we invested our time and efforts in designing and manufacturing Kitchen utensils, cooking and drink ware that suits and compliments healthy living. Our Envy BBQ Grill Mat makes even an outdoor BBQ easier, fat-free, and delicious. We kept the cooks and chefs in the kitchen in mind in even more ways by providing them with Silicone heat resistant BBQ oven gloves.

We want you to eat healthy food and enjoy the time preparing and cooking therefor have our design team looked at the gaps in the market and made it our mission to provide you with cooking utensils, “gadgets” like the meat tenderizer and meat handling & shredding claws to help you on your healthy living journey. Not only easy to use utensils, but with the aim on providing you with utensils that facilitate disease prevention, as well as safety and ease of use.

Healthy Eating the iPerfect Kitchen Way

When preparing dinner means you open a box of cereal, open a frozen prepackaged meal or spend hours preparing food, it is time to join iPerfect Kitchen’s way of cooking. You do not have to be an accomplished chef or cook to create mouth-watering, healthy cuisine that not only taste great, but also looks appetizing.

Healthy and clean eating is something we are committed to and recommending organic, non-processed food. Without the help that our products offer you, makes falling back to old and bad habits easy and tempting. You would much rather spend more time relaxing, enjoying time with family, than slaving away in preparing food that is gobbled up in mere minutes.

Preparing delicious food, attractive and innovative, while incredibly healthy at the same time, plus very little time and effort in preparation is healthy eating the iPerfect Kitchen way.

We give you the inexperienced cook and the master in the kitchen an equal opportunity to turn boring vegetables into culinary masterpieces with our Stainless Steel kitchen tools, meat claws, BBQ grill mat and infuser water bottles tritan as part of our current range to make your life easy while living healthy.

Cooking Utensils that Every Kitchen Needs

We firmly believe in the essentiality to use only high-quality materials and believe in our own products so much that we offer lifetime warranties. All our products are therefore FDA approved and BPA-free. Therefore, that we sell only our own in-house manufactured products both at our warehouse and at the online storefront. Our team have been pioneers of healthy eating and living since our inception and continuously grow.

For you to operate an efficient kitchen while preparing a healthy meal, that does not look boring and take up the minimum of time, requires essentials that the iPerfect Kitchen designers perfected. Taking the chore out of preparation is what makes eating well easy to commit to for a lifetime.

We use our own in-house design team, manufacture our own products with a product-line that grows as the market and our customers demand. We use the highest quality materials with all our products having a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. Our tools are the secret to add more delicious veggies and fresh fruits to your diet consistently. Our water bottles add innovative ways to add excitement and nutrition to bland water.

Regardless of your preference, we will have the tool to transform your cooking from, the iPerfect Kitchen Envy Spiral Slicer, to Stainless Steel Garlic Crusher, to meat claw, to meat tenderizer, to Bottle Ware, to BBQ Grill Mat and more, have we kept your cooking experience and healthy lifestyle in mind. Maintaining high quality and user-friendliness, your road to a healthy lifestyle is paved with iPerfect Kitchen.

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