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Infuser Water Bottle (Pull Out Fruit Basket Style)

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What type of lifestyle do you lead, is my first question to you? Are you a healthy individual with a constant desire to consume healthy options in regards to food and drink? Then you probably also work out regularly, go to the gym, go for a morning jog and combine your active lifestyle with heathy nutrition. Another question, or rather statement I would like to make, you do drink a lot of water, right.

Bland water, bottled water it is all the same, water is water. However, not when you use the revolutionary new wake up call for water. The secret to turn bland water into easy, fun, and fast nutritional fruity or flavored nutrition to your taste, all day, every day is out! The iPerfect Lifestyle Infuser Water Bottle is what you need in your healthy and active lifestyle.

If you prefer less activity, also good, but no person should drink less than eight glasses of water per day. That has nothing to do with your activity levels, simple truth in being healthy overall. Most people drink less water and opt for either expensive flavored bottled water or cold drinks, who can blame them.

Water day in and day out gets incredibly boring.

Let me share the iPerfect Infuser Water Bottle with you and decide for yourself.

Benefits & Highlights

  • The end of bland drinking
  • Carry your vital daily nutrition on the go wherever you go as the healthy boost to daily nutrient needs
  • FDA Approved
  • Eco friendly
  • Shatterproof Tritan material
  • Durable and sustainable
  • Leak proof with no worries about leaking bottes in gym and work bags
  • Ingenious design without spout and a twist cap style drinking cup
  • The end of drinking bland water with fruits, veggies and flavor added to your preference
  • Easy to clean and although dishwasher safe, hand washing remains the recommended option
  • Life-time guarantee
  • Scratch-proof

Specifications & Details

  • Non toxic, BPA-Free with no toxins sneaking into your water
  • FDA Approved
  • Material – Tritan plastic
  • Color options - Green, Blue
  • Size capacity is generous 28 ounces
  • Weight of 0.35 pounds

The types of fruits, veggies, and flavors to use:

There are no limit on the types of fruits, flavors, herbs and even veggies you can add to your new favorite “best friend”. Use any fruit you love from strawberry, to apple, orange, lemon, citrus fruits such as mango and kiwi and even add your own adventurous spirit and combine flavors. Veggies and herbs are other great combinations, if you like it drink it. You will find yourself constantly raiding your fridge for awesome combinations once you tried variations, is something that all happy customer agree on.

Who benefits most from this infuser bottle?

It is the healthy and fun way for anyone to detox, hydrate while getting a fruit infused drink to making ordinary H20 taste delicious. Take it literally everywhere. It is small enough to fit into a car’s cup holder and big enough to carry anywhere from travelling, college, work, office, camping, hiking, yoga, gym and wherever life takes you and whomever you are. As long as you drink your flavored water. Any person who lacks the motivation to drink water and is under the impression that healthy living is boring should make the switch to the lifestyle infuser bottle.

What does the iPerfect Lifestyle Infuser Water Bottle do for you?

Be honest with yourself, searching for a perfect beverage is often harder than finding a needle in a haystack. Diet stuff is gross. Soda has no redeeming qualities. Oh yes, juices look so good on the outside, but when you face facts, they are loaded with sugar. Coffee is a touchy subject, who drinks coffee on a hot day or worse what about the caffeine you are trying to avoid. Do you want to drink expensive iced teas all day? I think you got your answer without hearing it yet. Water. It is absolutely good for you. It helps with weight loss, elevate your mood, boost your brainpower, is great for your clear skin, and prevents headaches. However, you know all that already.

But – as we all experienced – it gets pretty boring.

The answer is simple, the fruit-infused answer: iPerfect

It quickly turns ordinary water into a flavor-packed, nutritious beverage on the go. 

How should you use the lifestyle infuser water bottle from iPerfect?

Simply add veggies, fruits, herbs, flavors of your choice and some great tips on how to use the iPerfect Lifestyle Infuser Water Bottle. When you use frozen fruit and cold water your water temperature automatically lowers while still infusing its flavor. Plan ahead and cut fruit into pieces, freeze, and load when you are ready. If you want a stronger flavor you could crush some fruit, but the cloudy water is not something everyone enjoys. As long as you drink your regular H20 with its awesome flavoring options, you are on the right track to a healthy lifestyle.

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We Care About Your Healthy Eating, Drinking and Healthy Lifestyle!

iPerfect Kitchen cares about you and your desire to live a healthy lifestyle, the type of lifestyle that involves following a healthy diet, which predominantly consists of fresh fruit and vegetables. How could you spend less time in the kitchen yet continue to whip up delicious zucchini, vegetable and fruit spirals and more without the right gadgets. We grow as a company due to your support and our only goal apart from keeping you on track diet-wise, is giving you a great shopping experience.

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All our products are manufactured in our own back yard by our manufacturing team using only the highest quality materials utilizing ergonomic design elements. We follow stringent standards in ensuring our products are 100% non-toxic and food safe, with added safety features. When we use blades, we import sturdy Japanese Stainless Steel that has a lifetime guarantee never to rust, bend, or go blunt. When we use bottles, we import plastics with 100 % BPA Free, FDA Approved, and Tritan materials. Your shopping experience with us is something we value as much as we value your continued support and believe in our product range.

The bottom line is we love our customers, and our customers love our products!