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v. Meat Handling & Shredding Claws

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Do you own a kitchen tool that is so versatile that it is simply the “king of the kitchen”? How about more than just the kitchen, but an all-round tool that works great for outdoor BBQ’s. This tool is the meat handling claws, which I assure you; you will want more than one pair, as your husband will claim it for his outdoor grilling.

Picking up your meat roast or chicken out of your crockpot or roaster is not an enviable task. It was difficult until you try the meat claws that also doubles as shredder.

No more jostling with a fork or spatula on the bottom and another at the side, balancing, and falling, before it falls apart.

A tool that even mixes the ingredients for meatloaf, with no need to touch the raw, cold mixture anymore.

Shred meat fast, scoop your meat, and turn your meat. These different uses mentioned here, would require many different tools, one would imagine. However the meat claws, doubles as such innovative tools that the imagination runs wild with ideas for additional uses.

Benefits & Features

  • BPA Free and FDA approved and one hundred percent safe to use, non-toxic
  • Easy to use ergonomic design and fits any size hands comfortable
  • Powerful grip pulling or lifting
  • Shredder, carve and claw combination
  • Six sharp strong prongs with three times the power and speed that an ordinary fork
  • Dishwasher safe, easy to clean and odor free
  • Heat resistant up to 450 degrees
  • Made from high-quality nylon and reinforced for flexural and tensile strength, it has superior abrasion and is wear resistant

Specifications & Details

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Weight of four ounces
  • Bear paw shaped for secure grip
  • Lift or turn roasts, shred meat, toss salads, handle meat on the BBQ
  • Heat resistant tips makes sure you never worry about tips melting
  • The must-have tool for pork pulling

Whom Is the Meat Claws For?

Usually a person would say a tool is good for novices, cooks, chefs and professional, but in this case, it is more than just for those mentioned. It is the type of universal tool that will rage a friendly war. Why? Simply because the woman in the kitchen will struggle to part with her precious claws and the man, doing the BBQ outdoors would not want to part with his claws either. It is such a versatile tool that very few households would own only one pair.

What Can You Use It For?

Some people will call it Barbeque tools, others will call it “must have” kitchen tools. It is one of the most versatile tools and outside it is great for BBQ meats on hot coals, turning meat and lifting it from the grill. It will not melt, as it is heat resistant. Inside or outside it is great for turning heavy large cuts of meat such as turkey, chicken roasts and more. It acts as shredder, as well as claws. It is great for mixing and tossing salads. To use an example, these claws has the capacity and power to pull two large eight-pound pork butts in under four minutes.

How Do You Use Your Meat Claws?

The shape is called BEAR PAW as it is designed not to let you lose grip. When you turn meat simply, “flick” it over when doing a BBQ with smaller cuts. Large cuts both on the grill, in a roaster, pan, or crockpot use both claws and get a comfortable grip and lift the meat or turn it. Meat picks up comfortable with the claws and the sharp prongs will not break or bend, while you will not drop the meat, or burn yourself. The heat resistant factor makes sure heat does not relay to the handles or claws, as you would expect with steel forks or tools. Your meat regardless of size is picked up securely from flames and hot pans. You might ask yourself one question though; where has these great claws been all your life?

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